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First EPS conference « Physics for Development » Research in PhysicsPhysics applications – Education, 11 - 12 October 2012, Brussels, Palais des Académies




Why a new conference in this domain?

Collective ambition for solidarity, physics is actually well behind other scientific communities

Counterbalancing the lack of funding  for development due to bad economics in Europe environment

State of the art of international cooperation : SESAME , DESERTEC, UNESCO, ICTP, IUPAP, EU, CERN, African PHysical Society, African Laser Center

Recycling recent technological breakthroughs for use in development

Publicizing creative ideas like component mining

Showing the impact of science for daily life

New ways to think about scientific instrumentation : generic instruments

Creation of an African Instrumentation Award

Making use of internet : Open source aspects and crowd sourcing

Creating new income opportunities for PhD students in developing countries through creation of small enterprises and “startup”.

Putting together scientists, NGO’s, geeks, hackers, retired scientists, technicians,  teachers. Strong multidisciplinary networks are needed.

Putting together experience in development of scientists from European countries and achieving a critical mass to get a better cooperation.




  • All starts from excellence in science and technological knowledge, then :

    Applied physics developments could follow

    As well as use of technology achievements for other purposes

    Making conditions for unlashing creativity

  •     The following applies to basic education, high schools, universities to research labs;

    A strong dialog between north and south is necessary since actions should be based by taking realities into account.
























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